Earth Day
22 Apr 2021

Earth Day 2021

What is Earth day? Earth day is celebrated on 22nd of April each year. It is an annual event which is dedicated to raising awareness about the environmental challenges that face the Earth. It forms a part of Earth week which is a weeklong period full of activities and campaigns. History of Earth day...
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Happy Birthday Zixtel
27 Jan 2021

Zixtel Turns 24!

On Sunday 31st January, Zixtel becomes 24 years old! We are proud to have been able to develop and grow throughout our 24 years of service. At Zixtel, we would like to celebrate our birthday with all our customers by saying thank you for working with us over the years. For 24 years, we have [&hellip...
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critical raw materials
20 Jan 2021

Critical Raw Materials

What are Critical Raw Materials? The CRM Alliance describes Critical Raw Materials as: A common misunderstanding about Critical Raw Materials is that they are ‘critical’ because there are limited amounts left. This misconception may come from the fact that we call animals ‘critically endangere...
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