international e-waste day
14 Oct 2020

International E-waste Day

International E-waste Day, founded by WEEE Forum, will be held on Wednesday 14th October 2020. It’s aim is to highlight the issues surrounding electronic waste.

The Problem of E-waste

The amount of e-waste being generated is growing incredibly quickly. 53.6 million metric tonnes of electronic waste was produced in 2019 worldwide. This was an increase of 21% over just 5 years. However, only 17.4 % of this was collected and recycled. Although this was an improvement on previous years, it’s not enough to keep up with the growth of the amount of e-waste. Therefore, a problem we are seeing now is that the amount of waste keeps rapidly increasing and we are not recycling enough to keep up with it. For example, it is estimated that in 2030 we will generate 74 million metric tonnes of electronic waste. If we continue the way we are, the amount of waste that will go to landfill by then will be astronomical.

What is International E-waste Day?

International E-waste Day highlights the issues surrounding electronic waste and encourages people to recycle their electronics. The aim is to increase the rate of recycling, not only on the day, but in the future. Organisations take part in the day by completing activities such as conferences and social media campaigns.

How Zixtel is Supporting International E-waste Day

As an environmentally conscious company, we have decided to take part in International E-waste day to contribute to raising awareness of recycling more e-waste. To celebrate the day, we have set up an e-waste hub in our warehouse for the entire week from Monday 12th October to Friday 16th October. Customers will be able to drop off any bulk used, redundant or old IT equipment.

International E-waste Day

It is a simple process. Firstly, fill out a form on the Sell to Us page of our website with details of the products. A member of our sales team will then be in touch with a quote. Yes, you heard right! Not only will our customers be contributing to recycling e-waste, they will also be paid for it! Finally, the goods can be dropped off at our e-waste hub. You can find out more on the WEEE website:

At Zixtel, we collect unwanted and unused IT equipment to recycle, refurbish or refine. Nothing we collect goes to landfill. The products that we refurbish, go back onto the market, so that someone else can get more use out of them. All of this contributes to a circular economy.

Contact us if you want to help increase the amount of e-waste being recycled. Celebrate International E-waste Day by selling your used IT components to us to dispose of responsibly.

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