21 Oct 2021

Is Refurbished right for me?

When considering refurbished IT equipment, especially when it comes to IT hardware and components, there’s a common misconception that you may be sacrificing quality for a lower cost. This couldn’t be any further from the truth!

Here at Zixtel we have been refurbishing servers, workstations, PCs, Laptops, and other electrical components for 24 years so we know that buying refurbished IT equipment is a great idea for so many reasons.

Let’s look at those in more detail.

Cost effective

Usually the most obvious reason is the difference in cost. Buying refurbished from Zixtel means you are purchasing an item that has been used, and then refurbished, to high grade standards by our expert technicians. These products are no longer brand-new but are as good as new, meaning we can pass on that price saving to you. You have the opportunity to buy a product, refurbished, and tested to as new standards, for a fraction of the price!

High Quality

We have an in-house team of experienced technicians who work hard to ensure that all components are functioning to as new standards before they reach our customers. Although some items may have slight cosmetic wear and tear, functionality is never compromised. You will always be made aware of any cosmetic imperfections before delivery is made to you, so you know exactly what it is you are buying, when you are buying it.

Environmentally friendly

When a product is sent back to be refurbished, this reduces the amount of e-waste sent to landfill or incineration. When buying refurbished IT equipment you are reducing the need for a brand-new product, therefore, reducing the need to manufacture brand-new product. In all, you are helping to reduce your own carbon footprint whilst diverting electronic goods from landfill. E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world.


Buying refurbished IT hardware from the right company will still provide you with a warranty for your refurbished IT equipment. We offer in-house warranties included in the price of our products. This offers complete peace of mind that even though you may be purchasing a product that has been used before, it should be working just as well as it did when it was new. As part of those warranties we offer free technical advice where needed, whether that’s getting set up or hiccups later down the line. Our friendly technicians are always on hand to help.


Don’t let buying refurbished IT equipment feel like a risk. Make sure if you are going to buy refurbished, that you choose the right company for you. This way, you can be confident that you really are getting value for money, with a service that’s accredited. Zixtel holds a wealth of quality and environmental accreditations and permits and we are audited regularly by external partners. Quality to us isn’t just lip service it’s the core of our business model.

We put in the hard work to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality and that our customers can get them at the best market prices.

If you are considering buying any refurbished IT hardware or components, check out our product website or give us a call on 0113 8805430. We’d be happy to help!

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