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  • date : 09/03/2016


Our Zixtel team are specialists in building systems to your specification.

What does Configure-To-Order Mean?

Most servers are sold as standard models, without storage or upgrades. Configure-to-Order, referred to as (CTO) is a process that is based on specification selection at the time of order. A CTO process takes the customers’ requirements, selected from a set of product options with pre-defined possible values, combining different parts and assemblies to make a specific pre-engineered variant of that product.

If we already know the customer requirements, and we configure to those specifications, the customer doesn’t need to worry about further engineering.

We understand that one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to companies looking for the best IT equipment for their business, so (CTO) is usually the best option to achieve the specification that will work best for you and your requirements.

We have over two decades of experience of producing configure-to-order systems. Whether it be an obsolete server or a new or renew server we can upgrade it, to your requirements adding additional CPUs, memory, hard drives, and power supplies, usually from our own stock.

All our servers are tested our own technical engineers, and the firmware is upgraded prior to being packed into our custom designed packaging for shipment.

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