Data Destruction
and Disposal

As with all IT equipment handled by Zixtel our first priority is your data security and legal compliance. We are industry specialists committed to improving the industries standards, through education, information and quality in service.


Undertaken by our experienced Technicians in our fully licensed facility. We can collect your data from you.

Cost effective

There’s nothing quite as expensive as data loss. You’ll be surprised at how cost effective it is to destroy data safely.


With over two decades of experience handling and destroying sensitive data, you can rest assured your data is safe with us.

Data Destruction Methods

When data is deleted, it is no longer readily accessible by the operating system or application that created it, but deleting a file is not enough. The existence of our data doesn’t cease to exist when a computer or server is replaced and neither should the protective measures we take.

As specialists in this area, our expertise affords our clients complete peace of mind, our processes are strict; as they need to be and we only follow methods approved to Military Standards. When it comes to your businesses reputation, intellectual property or your clients information you cannot afford to take risks. We can help you with destroying data stored on hard drives, tape drives, mobile phones, memory cards and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorised purposes.


We can safely destroy your data CESG certified software, YouWipe.

YouWipe has been recognised and successfully certified under rigorous and professional standards, by governments and independent security organizations, such as NATO, the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the Common Criteria (EAL +3), the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service, the Finnish National Cyber Security Centre (TRAFICOM), and ADISA (UK Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance), among others.

YouWipe meets and exceeds strict government regulations and industry standards, such as the GDPR, HIPAA, FACTA, PCI DSS, SOx and the Data Protection Act.

Once data is erased, a digitally signed, tamper-proof certificate of erasure provides a detailed audit trail which we supply to you for each piece of hardware.

Using this method your IT equipment can then go on to be refurbished and reintroduced back into the market as if it had never been used before.


Where data cannot be destroyed using software, we can use our on site degausser to efficiently destroy your data.

A degausser is a machine that disrupts and eliminates the magnetic field stored on the disk media and tapes. When the magnetic field is interrupted, the information stored on the hard drive becomes scrambled, and therefore, the information becomes permanently irretrievable.


For devices that cannot be wiped with software or effectively be degaussed we use our in house recycling plant to mechanically destroy equipment in a way that it cannot ever be recovered. Our machines will shred the equipment into many tiny unrecognisable pieces.

Your data won’t stand a chance at survival with Zixtel.

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