Are you looking to replace or add to your existing IT equipment? Or perhaps upgrade the systems you currently use?

Zixtel can help you with either route, offering advice tailored to you and the needs of your business.

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution for a project or a solution to meet a tight budget, our team of technical sales people who between them have two decades of experience, can help you build, configure and scale a refurbished or new, server, storage or networking solution to fit your business needs.

We stock thousands of servers and parts in our own warehouse and in most cases can ship your goods out the same day for next day delivery to you. If that isn’t possible, we will tell you at the point of purchase.

Our service includes free configuration, as most servers are sold as standard builds without storage, so our flexible approach enables us to supply new or refurbished ‘Configure to Order’ second-market servers, component spares and servers – all of which are built to our customers’ requirements. All tested by own engineers and supplied with our own warranty. If you require extended warranty – we can arrange that – no problem.

Our affordable and quality driven ethos (Zixtel is ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified) – underpinned by our depth and breadth of expertise – makes us the first port of call for cost conscious companies who take their IT asset management seriously.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability is likewise reflected in our deep-rooted understanding of our customers’ challenges as we consistently strive to deliver top class customer service in an environmentally friendly way.

Get in touch – we will be pleased to help you – 0113 8805 430